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Your Life Story in a Nutshell | Credit Repair King

Tell Us Your Story: “Better Credit, Better Life”

E.C.’s situation may look like any others where he had quite a few negative accounts, which prevented him from getting a mortgage in 2018. E.C. needed a game plan, and luckily, he met our business manager, Lam in 2018. After explaining to him about good credit associated with the real estate industry, Emeterio and our team started to work on his credit. After nine months, his credit score managed to jump from 559 to 720, and he was able to get the house of his dreams!

However, E.C. once again was in need of financial help and his credit declined to 650 due to multiple medical issues and insurance coverage that he had throughout 2019-2020. His current loan interest is at (4.75%), and he needed to refinance. Again, we helped him to remove all of his negative medical accounts and his score jumped from 650 to 750 within the last 6 months! E.C. was incredibly grateful for our service.

If you identify with this story, then you’re at the right place, and we know why you need credit repair. A hard-working American like E.C. chose us to help him with his credit not only because of our extensive expertise but also because of our value as a people’s company. With over 6 years of experience in credit repair service, we will help you to improve your life! Contact Credit Repair King today at (657) 217-4877 for a free consultation.

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