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Credit Tips: Have You Received a Court Summon?

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

How to response to a court summon?
Have you received a Court Summon?

At Credit Repair King, we strongly believe that responding to court summons for a credit card (or anything for that matter)  is very important. It does not matter whether you owe the debt or not, you HAVE to pay close attention to any date that is mentioned in the lawsuit so that you will not miss out on the case. You have 30 days to answer the summon to avoid default judgement against you. With that said, you aren’t required to pay off the debt (if you don’t owe them), but you’re required to follow the court guidelines to have your rights validated. 

Moreover, it is essential for you to keep all records of the process, even your phone calls! You should also make copies of any documents that you have sent out. 

If you’re struggling with unwanted court summons, Credit Repair King is here to provide you a suite of cost-effective credit repair services in OC that will help you create healthy financial habits for personal and business successes. 

We understand the difficulties in finding an appropriate advisor, but our team is here to take care of it! We offer personalized packages tailored just right so we can provide each customer with all they need without breaking their budget! With us on your side – what could be more satisfying than starting off financially fresh? 

Contact Credit Repair King today at (657)-217-4877 for the best credit repair specialists in OC!

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