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USCB America (UA)

The USCB America (UA) is a collection agency based in Los Angeles. The company was founded back in 1915 and specializes exclusively on unpaid accounts for healthcare providers.

If you are dealing with UA, you can either keep all correspondence with the company sent by certified mail and request a return receipt by yourself, or contact Credit Repair King. We will make sure to retain copies of any relevant written communications, so UA can’t say that no notice was received nor deny your claim if there were mistakes in what was submitted. Every piece of communication will be obtained via official methods as it will show proof about their claims of receiving something.

If you’re ever in a financial bind and need help to get back on your feet, it’s best not make any promises that can’t be fulfilled. You might find yourself stuck with an organization or individual who doesn’t have the resources necessary for fulfilling their end of our agreement if things go sour—which they often do! A better option is getting professional credit repair assistance like Credit Repair King, which has helped countless people across America bring their scores up after experiencing debt problems due solely because bad choices were made when dealing online without understanding what happened behind closed doors.

Check out our reviews at or call Credit Repair King at +1(657)-217-4877 to find the service that will be a good fit for what you want.

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