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Transworld System Inc. (TSI)

Are you trying to find ways to remove the Transworld System (TSI) from your credit report? We suggest you not to do so and call Credit Repair King at  (657) 217-4877 right now to get advice on what to do.

Established in the 1970s, TSI has been known as one of the best debt recovery agencies that acquires delinquent accounts from the original creditors via the pre-charge-off recovery (1) and post-charge-off collections (2). 

For (1), TSI focuses on the recent outstanding amount from turning into collections and charge-offs. For (2). TSI acts as a collecting agent that alerts the creditors of your delinquent accounts, dropping your credit score down as a result. 

Once you owe TSI, you need to effectively deal with them head-on. However, we recommend you not to pay the full amount, but rather go for a less-than-amount owed. The key here is to make the payment, but only according to YOUR OWN TERMS. 

If you believe TSI has violated the debt collection practice laws, contact Credit Repair King at  657) 217-4877 today. We have certified and trained credit specialists that offer professional credit repair service. We can also help you with money and debt management, advise you on budgeting, and discuss your financial situation and solve your credit problem by removing collections and charge-off accounts. Consult with Credit Repair King today at  (657) 217-4877 to get more information and we’ll help you choose which options to take!

Remember, if the debt isn’t in writing, it is not legit.

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