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Portfolio Recovery Associate LLC

Contacted by the Portfolio Recovery Associate LLC? Do not confirm anything and call Credit Repair King at  (657) 217-4877 right now to get advice on what to do.

Portfolio Recovery Associate (PRA) is a legitimate debt collection agency that buys your delinquent accounts from banks or the original creditors, thereby becoming your primary creditor. Typically, PRA will purchase your debts for less than the full-amount from the original creditors because the latter will at least get some immediate payments out of it. Admittedly, this is how PRA makes their profits – the difference between what you owe the original creditor and the recovered payment PRA gets from you, which makes PRA harder to work with than many other debt collection agencies out there.

Nevertheless, if the debt is truly yours, you’ll have the legitimate obligation to pay them back, and you’ll have 2 choices:

Option #1: pay the debt in full

Option #2: make a settlement for a reduced amount in satisfaction of the full balance, whether in a lump sum or payment plan

If you believe PRA has violated the debt collection practice laws, contact Credit Repair King at  (657) 217-4877 today. We have certified and trained credit specialists that offer professional credit repair service. We can also help you with money and debt management, and discuss your financial situation and solve your credit problem by removing collections and charge-off accounts. Consult with Credit Repair King today at  (657) 217-4877 to get more information.

Remember, if the debt isn’t in writing, it is not legit.

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