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Midland Credit Management LLC (MCM)

Listed under a variety of names, including “Midland Credit”, or “Midland Fund”, Midland Credit Management Inc. (MCM) is a company that buys up delinquent accounts from credit unions, major financial institutions and telecommunications companies.

MCM acquires the account from your original creditor and then comes after you for the money. Because of this, some people may avoid dealing with MCM on their own, as it can be a tricky and tedious process. Thus, you should partner up with an experienced credit repair company like Credit Repair King – who understands the ins-and outs of the debt collection industry better than any other individual out there!

When dealing with MCM, it’s hard to remove the entry from your credit report, but it is possible with help. There are two steps you should do: 

#1: Contact Credit Repair King and work out an agreement; we will help you to contest the accuracy of information on file with one or more major bureaus (and hopefully get them removed as accurate)

#2: Wait until after MCM has written about this situation before disputing anything since they may never communicate directly again if we resolve their problem first!

There are plenty of credit repair firms out there, but it is important that you choose one with your best interests in mind. Check out our reviews at or call Credit Repair King at  (657) 217-4877 to find the service that will be a good fit for what you want.

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