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LVNV Funding LLC (LF)

Having the tendency to threaten to bring you to court and not formally contact you beforehand, LVNV Funding is the one debt collecting agency to look out for.

Unlike other debt collection agencies, LF does not directly deal with your negative accounts. Instead, they work in tandem with other companies to subcontract your delinquent debts. One of which is the Resurgent Capital Services. Together, these agencies buy your old debt portfolios to come after you for the money. Infamous for their minimalistic way to deal with your debts, LF might unscrupulously pursue you for debts that are older than 7 years! Even worse, LF tends to file a lawsuit against you. 

If you receive a debt validation letter from LF, you need to answer them with a certified letter within 30 days of receiving it. There are 2 outcomes after this:

#1: LF refuses to provide you with the debt validation → You ask for a deletion of the negative accounts

#2: You are summoned to court because of your debt → you either file a debt validation letter with the aid of the Better Business Bureau or directly contact the original creditor to ask for a debt verification

It is crucial for you to take notes throughout the whole process and keep track of the important information. If you feel overwhelmed, contact Credit Repair King at  (657) 217-4877 today. We have certified and trained credit specialists that offer professional credit repair service. 

Remember, if the debt isn’t in writing, it is not legit.

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