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Low Mortgage Rates – Should You Refinance?

Don’t let your now-mortgage keep you from your new-mortgage. Here are why:

  1. You reduce the monthly payment with a lower interest rate.

  2. You pay off the loans faster if you refinance from a 30-year loan into a 20-year loan. However, this usually means you’ll have to pay a higher monthly payment.

  3. You remove the FHA Mortgage Insurance Premiums (MIPS).

  4. You have access to your home’s equity via a cash-out refinance.

  5. You want to convert an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed-rate mortgage to eliminate the potential fluctuation in the interest-rate.

Once you have decided to refinance, remember to work through those numbers. Working with Credit Repair King will help you to have a better idea of what to expect. Even better, Credit Repair King will help you to crunch those numbers and help you to decide which lender offers the best deal! 

Credit Repair King prides itself in helping others to thrive in life as we offer not only the best credit repair service in Orange County, but also the financial consultations to help you advance further in life. Let’s work together to achieve better credit and a better life today! Call now at (657) 217-4877.

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