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3 Strategies for Dealing with Jefferson Capital Systems

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

If you have a collection account with Jefferson Capital, you’ll need to timely address the debts. Dealing with a debt collection agency like Jefferson Capital System can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. However, it's important to remember that you have rights as a consumer, and there are steps you can take to fight back against their collection efforts.

Jefferson Capital Systems (JCS) acts both as the purchaser and the administrator of your negative accounts. In other words, they either buy your delinquent accounts from banks or the original creditors and become your primary creditor, or act as a third-party collection agency between you and your original creditor. Unfortunately, this means you’ll have multiple debt collection agencies to deal with, and this can get really messy. 

1. Request validation of the debt:

Debt validation is the first step in dealing with any debt collection agency. Basically, you ask them for proof that you owe the debt they are trying to collect. To request validation, you can send a letter to Jefferson Capital System or other collection agency via certified mail, asking them to provide proof of the debt. This can be a copy of the original credit agreement or other documentation that shows you owe the debt. If they cannot validate, they are required to stop all collection efforts.

2. Dispute the debt:

If you believe that the debt is not valid or that Jefferson Capital System is attempting to collect an incorrect amount, you have the right to dispute the debt. Again, this is a right under the FDCPA, the collection agency have 30 days to answer your dispute.

3. If you feel overwhelmed by the negative accounts on your credit report, contact Credit Repair King today. We have certified and trained credit specialists that offer professional credit repair service. We can also help you with money and debt management, advise you on budgeting, and discuss your financial situation and solve your credit problem by removing collections and charge-off accounts.

Remember, if the debt isn’t in writing, it is not legit.

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