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How To Get the Collections Debts Out Of Your Life?

Validate your debt collections before proceeding! (Browse through our post “How to Properly Handle Debt Collectors?” for more info)

So the debt is yours. You’ll have 4 options:

Option#1: Write a ‘Pay for delete’ letter, aka a written request to have the negative items removed from your account in exchange for a payment

Option#2: Write a goodwill letter to the original creditor to negotiate with the intention to keep your account in good standing moving forward. This is especially helpful if you’re a long-term client with the creditor with a good relationship.

Option#3: Dispute a collection if you discover any error, inaccuracies, or unfair items on your credit report.

Option#4: Don’t pay

Are you confused? Don’t know which path to take? Credit Repair King is here for you! With over 6 years of experience, Credit Repair King prides itself in helping others to thrive in life as we offer the best credit repair service in Orange County. Credit Repair King has certified and trained credit specialists that offer professional credit repair service. We can also help you with money and debt management, advise you on budgeting, and discuss your financial situation and solve your credit problem by removing collections and charge-off accounts. Consult with Credit Repair King today at +1(657)-217-4877 to get more information and we’ll help you choose which option that best suits your situation!

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