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How to Answer a Collection Letter?

Updated: Mar 29

"Better Credit, Better Life"

When you received a collection letter from a collection agency. The best way to handle the situation is to response back to the agency within 30 days by validating that debt and the information contained in that letter. A lot of time, these debts can be outdated or statutory limits has run out. Here are some of the best way to deal with the collection agency.

1. Do Not call the collection agency and admit to the debt because that will re-age the debt. 2. Do Not ignore the letter because if you don't write them back, they will assume the debt is your.

3. Contact us to help you with a "Validation Letter, Not Verification".

The collection agency have 30 days to response back to your letter or deleted the debt completely. It's a powerful tool that provide a piece of mind when dealing with the sharks. Talk to us today to find how you can stop the collection process.





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