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How Do Collections Affect Your Credit Score?

Collections can bring your credit score down as much as 110 points! The higher the score, the more points you’ll lose! For example, if your current score is 700 or higher, the score can drop down to mid or below 600. Essentially, the collections will stay on your credit report for up to 7 years. Notably, a poor credit history incurs higher interests on credit cards, auto loan and mortgage, which will result in stress within families and relationships. Moreover, having bad credits will also make it harder for you to find housing and acquire certain benefits. Do you know that the minimum FICO score to get a credit card is 670, which is between “good” and “excellent”? With that in mind, do you know what your FICO score is right now? 

If you do not have a respectable score, do not fret. Let Credit Repair King help you to get back on your feet. We understand life happens, and your credit has suffered from the undesired impact of the COVID pandemic, family issues, illness, job loss, or any stressful life events. Contact Credit Repair King today at (657)-217-4877 for a free consultation. 

Credit Repair King prides itself in helping others to thrive in life as we offer the best credit repair service in Orange County. Let’s work together to better your credit and life today! Call now at (657) 217-4877

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