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Easy Ways to Maintain a Good Credit

Good credit habits set you up for better life opportunities. Some management companies are stricter than the others, but it will be easier for you to breathe if your credit score is 700 or above. Frankly, there isn’t a secret formula to maintain your credit, but we have some guidelines for you to achieve your financial goals without getting too deep into debts.

  1. Pay your bills ON TIME, every time

  2. Keep your credit balances low, i.e. use 30% of your available credit

  3. Fact-check  your credit scores and reports, i.e. look out for errors on your credit reports

  4. Only apply for the credit cards that you need, i.e. limit your application for new credit cards

Unfortunately, the credit system isn’t always truly reflective of one’s lending risks, especially for the lower-income earners. If you want to obtain good credits, but you don’t know where to start, let Credit Repair King help you! With over 6 years of experience in credit repair service, we offer financial consultations that allow you to create healthy financial habits that will benefit you in countless ways. Contact Credit Repair King today at (657) 217-4877 for a free consultation.

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