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Credit tips: Bankruptcies And Your Credit Report

Updated: Mar 28

Bankruptcy can have a devastating impact on your credit score, and it’s one record that will stay with you for seven to ten years. Disputes can be filed to contest inaccurate reports of bankruptcy that are reported beyond the statute of limitations. At Credit Repair King, we can review your reports for any inaccuracies and contact those involved in order to dispute these facts if need arises!

If you don’t know what actions to take, contact Credit Repair King for a personalized help. As one of Southern California’s leading credit consulting firms, we are here with resources that can help build a strong foundation as well as guidance on what steps need to be taken next with regards to your credit dilemma. A trusted advocate like Credit Repair King can help you make important decisions about your financial expenses, especially when you’ve received a credit card lawsuit. Call our best credit repair service in OC today at (657) 217-4877 for more information.




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