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Credit Tips: 6 Major Credit Card Mistakes

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

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Thousands of people struggle to manage their credit card balances. If you’re among these consumers, don’t give up! At Credit Repair King, we believe that you can take steps that will make the debt more manageable and avoid doing six major mistakes on your cards altogether by making some small changes as follow:

– Only paying the minimum

– Using your credit cards for everyday items

– Trying to chase after too many credit card rewards

– Taking cash advances

– Using your credit cards to pay your medical bills

– Ignoring your debt

If you’re feeling the pressure of your debt and can’t seem to get out from under it, have no fear! The Credit Repair King team is here for you. We offer many services for people, including repair work on credit reports, with an affordable rate that’s not going to break your budget – just give us a call or text messagetoday at (657) 217-4877 so we may discuss what would be the best option that is suited towards helping you to turn things around.

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